What is Smart Tds

Smart e-TDS is a full spectrum software to compute TDS / TCS under different provisions of Income Tax Act and prepare annual and quarterly returns in paper and electronic format

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  • Smart TDS can compute and prepare Tax computation under the head Salaries. It can also compute deductions under chapter VI. It has ability to compute relief u/s 89 and prepare form No. 16, 12BA.
  • Computation of TDS under sections 192, 194, 194A, 194C, 194H, 194I, 194J & 195 etc.
  • Computation of TCS.
  • Form No. 16, 16A, 16AA, 12BA, 15G and 15H.
  • Quarterly Returns on Computer Media (E-TDS) Validated by NSDL Software and Form No. 27A & 27B.
  • Form No. 26Q & 26QAA
  • Automatic Generation and printing of Form16A.
  • Adjustment with Unadjusted Challans.
  • Option to deposit more than One Challan for a single payment.
  • List of Filed and Pending Cases.
  • Comprehensive summary report of TDS deducted
  • User defined Notes on Return Forms
  • List of Filed and Pending Cases.
  • List of Payees without PAN
  • Facility of Backup & Restore